Fall Prevention Classes Offered

Lancaster Safety Consulting, Inc. offers a variety of levels of fall protection training:

  • General awareness (included in our Comprehensive Compliance package, individual cards not offered)
  • 4 Hour Competent Person
  • 8 Hour Competent Person
  • 16 Hour Competent Person
  • 24 Hour Competent Person

Differences Between 4, 8, 16 and 24 Hour Fall Protection Trainings

Cards Received Upon Successful Completion

Some companies know exactly what fall protection training they need because either a contractor or government entity is requiring it. For example, New York City and the Army Corps of Engineers require different fall protection trainings.

Other companies know they need fall protection training but are unsure about how many hours. OSHA does not specifically mandate the amount of hours a company needs in order to be compliant with training. The fall protection training Lancaster Safety Consulting, Inc. offers, is tailored exclusively to our clients’ needs. Give us a call to run through a quick phone consultation where our consultants will ask about the specific hazards your employees face.

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