Risk Management Services

Lancaster Safety Consulting, Inc. (LSCI) has partnered with Ron Dunn Insurance Agency to bring to you a top of the line, full service, risk management service.dreamstime_xs_43848106 Risk management is an essential aspect of committing to being proactive rather than reactive when it comes to managing your company’s safety program. It involves predicting and evaluating safety hazards and their financial risks, along with the identification of procedures needed in order to avoid or minimize their impact.

How Does It Work?

Schedule and Complete an Onsite Audit

An LSCI Occupational Safety and Health Consultant will come to your company’s workplace and conduct an onsite Risk Assessment of the facility or jobsite. We will evaluate and learn the intricacies of the employees job functions and what hazards they might encounter.

Management Meeting & Gap Analysis

After the initial audit is completed, our Safety and Health Consultant will sit down with your company’s management team to discuss your current safety program, past accidents, incidents and near misses. A thorough Gap Analysis of your company’s current written safety programs, policies, and procedures will be made along with specific recommendations for improvement.


LSCI will take the information gathered during the initial audit to develop a customized risk management action plan that is structured to fit your company’s current needs. Our goal is to help your company reduce accidents, create a safer work environment going forward, drive down workers comp premiums by effectively managing risks and increase employee morale!

Program MaintenanceSafety Maintenance Required - Lancaster Safety

One of the most important principles to any successful safety program is understanding that safety does not happen overnight. Companies must make a commitment to improving their safety program on an ongoing basis.

Service package options include Semi-monthly, Monthly, Quarterly or Annually Onsite Support:

  1. Onsite safety audits where LSCI will observe how your company is managing the risks identified during the initial audit and an overall evaluation of the safety culture.
  2. LSCI will conduct onsite safety and health training for all supervisors and employees. The training will focus on the areas where near misses, accidents and injuries are occurring frequently, along with the risks that employees are exposed to on a daily basis.
  3. Employee and management interviews may be conducted to continually evaluate everyone’s knowledge of the safety program and procedures. These interviews also help to determine how well the safety program is being implemented. All of our findings will be discussed with the management team.
  4. Thorough recommendations will also be provided to the management team in order for continuous improvement to occur.
  5. Future training topics will be based off of the areas where high incident and accident rates are observed.
  6. Accident investigation and post accident employee interviews can be scheduled A La Carte in the event that your company has an accident.
  7. Ongoing remote support will be provided with all service packages and may also include a monthly review of your company’s OSHA 300 logs, near misses, and accidents. Following each review LSCI will make recommendations for additional policies, procedures, and training if needed. Unlimited phone and email support is available throughout the year to answer any safety or program questions.
  8. Full access to LSCI’s online client portal which gives your company access to every safety webinar we’ve recorded, monthly newsletters, checklists, safety committee topic discussions, OSHA news and much more!
  9. LSCI will also help your company establish and implement a safety committee and make suggestions on how to make improvements throughout the year.
  10. Development of Job Hazard Analysis’s (JHA’s).
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